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The vast majority of our clients are business owners who have sold their privately held company or continue to operate one- in both cases the operating mindset is unique and the planning is based on several factors. Often the business has financed a certain amount of lifestyle and taxes may be managed through capital investments or income deferrals. For many of our clients the post-transaction adjustment requires both time to adapt to new routines and priorities as well as discovering new paths to intellectual challenge. Thus, the transition from entrepreneur to investor can be complicated.

At Pacific Edge Advisors we seek to answer the big questions first ultimately making sure our clients understand how their wealth will work for them. Financial capital needs to be diversified on a risk weighted basis to protect lifestyle and achieve personal goals. Risk capital can be oriented with a longer term view to either support wealth transfer to future generations and/or philanthropic giving.



Working with your advisors, Pacific Edge Advisors takes the lead to help make sure that tax and estate planning strategies are well coordinated and in perfect alignment with investment decision making. Strategically, asset types (equity, fixed income, real estate, etc.) and asset locations (trusts, retirement plans, LLC’s) require dynamic management to offer the best chance of successful outcomes.

Our multi-generational approach includes investment education, wealth planning, philanthropic giving and family governance. We have worked with families to improve communication, inter- dependence and decision making. Our experience indicates that it is never to early or late to begin the process.

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