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Our investment management process begins with a thoughtful approach to asset allocation. In efficient markets, we drive down the costs by utilizing Exchange Traded Funds (“ETF”) commonly referred to as index solutions. Given that the majority of portfolio return can be attributed to asset allocation we spend our time determining which segments of the market offer the best potential for return on both an absolute and relative basis.

Pacific Edge Advisors endeavors to add return through the use of higher yielding and capital appreciation opportunities in private equity and debt instruments. Our investment management process is flexible and nimble to assist clients in meeting objectives while adapting to the ever changing market and economic environments.

In our experience, the importance of diversification for wealthy families is mission critical. We help each of our clients understand their investment portfolio from the bottom up and take measured risks in line with financial objectives. Pacific Edge Advisors offers full portfolio diversification ranging from domestic and international equity and fixed income to private equity, private debt, mortgage assets, options strategies, real estate and hedge funds.


Impact Investing

By 2050 the world population is expected to grow by more than 25% resulting in some 9 billion people occupying a planet that has become resource constrained. The capital necessary to address global food, water, energy and infrastructure in emerging economies is increasingly limited. World economic statistics indicate a capital gap at present of over $2 trillion per year.

Investors have become interested in opportunities where investment capital is connected to personal values. ESG- environment, social and governance has become an important standard in measuring impact. In the not so distant past investor efforts to be more socially responsible typically came at a cost- the willingness to accept lower returns. Today, this is not the case as both the investment universe has grown significantly in the past 5-years and performance against global benchmarks is encouraging.

At Pacific Edge Advisors we provide education, social guidance and investment solutions. We perform research and make recommendations choosing from a broad range of separate account managers, mutual funds, ETF’s and private investments in the ESG universe.

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